Miesięcznik Polskiego Zrzeszenia Inżynierów i Techników Sanitarnych
Pierwszy numer ukazał się w 1921 roku.
ISSN 0016-5352, e-ISSN2449-9404

The Magazine

The journal “Gas, Water and Sanitary Engineering” is the monthly magazine of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians, published since 1921. It is a leader in the country and read abroad in the following industries: gas, water and sewage, sanitary technology, waste, renewable energy and environmental protection. The journal publishes publications of recognized scientists from domestic and foreign universities and institutes as well as outstanding practitioners in the fields related to the use of gas, water and sanitation, and environmental protection.

Published since 1921.

ISSN 0016-5352, e-ISSN2449-9404

The journal belongs to the databases: BazTech , Index Copernicus,POL-index

The articles published in the journal are marked with the number of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which constitutes a digital identifier of an electronic document.

The original version of the magazine is the printed version.

In the magazine you will find:

  • publications of recognized scientists
  • full scientific/technical information – related to the use of gas, water and sanitation, and environmental protection
  • the latest research results
  • doświadczenia z eksploatacji
  • information from conferences, conventions and trade fairs
  • rich advertising offers of leading companies and companies
  • Topics covered: • Gas, • Water • Sewage • Sanitary technology • Waste • Renewable energy • Environmental protection

Authors: distinguished scientists from the Polish and foreign universities and institutes as well as recognised practitioners .The topics of the published articles are both the results of the latest research, as well as experience in operation and scientific and technical information related to the use of gas, water, sanitation and environmental protection

Readers: highly qualified engineers and technicians, designers, builders, process engineers and advanced technical university students. Permanent subscribers are i. a.: design offices, municipal economy companies, housing cooperatives, executive companies, municipal and commune offices, high schools, research institutes, schools, libraries and individual recipients. Our journal is also subscribed by the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers for its members.

Advertisers: the best Polish and foreign companies from industry manufacturers, service providers and distributors of equipment for district heating, space heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Format: A4 Paper: chalk Colours: 4c / 2c Volume: 40 pages. + 4 covers + 4 covers Frequency of publication: monthlyMethod of distribution-Only by subscription (paper and digital).

The author receives 140 points for the publication of an article in the scientific journal Gas, Water and Sanitary Technology, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Education and Science dated 17.07.2023. Grażyna Zalewska – phone number: 602 241 887

At www.sigma-not.pl you can purchase electronic versions of articles from 2004

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Issue 09/2023 (September)

Simulation of gas composition tracking in a gas transmission pipeline.DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.9.1 Tomasz Bleschke, Maciej Chaczykowski Abstract This paper analyzes the tracking of hydrogen fraction in

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Issue 07-08/2023 (July-August)

Hydrogen – the blue-green revolution.DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.7.1 Marta Gburzyńska, Michał Kwaśniewski Abstract The article presents the hydrogen goals and strategy of the European Union and Poland

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