DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.4.5

Free cooling potential in indirect cooling systems on the example of the city of Wroclaw Maria Kostka, Agnieszka Zając DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.4.5, April 2023 Download PDF

DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.3.2

Chimney exhaust systems for gas condensing boilers Zbigniew A. Talach, Roman Nowak DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.3.2, March 2023 Download PDF

DOI: 10.15199/17.2022.10.4

Gas patio heaters as practical and highly effective heat sources for open spaces Piotr Cembala, Iwona Stachurek DOI: 10.15199/17.2022.10.4, October 2022 Download PDF

DOI: 10.15199/17.2021.11.5

An improvement of the energy parameters at the family building – an alternative way of energy supply Alicja Ewa Urbanowicz, Natalia Mysiakowska DOI: 10.15199/17.2021.11.5, November 2021 Download PDF

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