DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.1.5

Application of the FTIR technique and chemometric methods to evaluate the biological process of municipal wastewater treatment with activated sludge Krzysztof Piaskowski, Bartosz Walendzik DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.1.5, January 2024 Download PDF

DOI: 10.15199/17.2022.6.6

Application of an slow-speed mixing system in Sequencing Batch Reactors with activated sludge Jacek Zaburko, Joanna Szulżyk-Cieplak, Marcin K. Widomski, Grzegorz Łagód DOI: 10.15199/17.2022.6.6, June 2022 Download PDF

DOI: 10.15199/17.2022.5.3

Micro-organisms conducting the biodegradation of multicyclic aromatic carbons in active and bottom sediments Jakub Paprocki DOI: 10.15199/17.2022.5.3, May 2022 Download PDF

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