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Issue 03/2024 (March)

Intercomparison in the field of high-pressure calibration of gas metersDOI: 10.15199/17.2024.3.1 Yuriy Brodyn, Aneta Korda-Burza, Daniel Wysokiński Abstract One of activities meant to confirm the validity of laboratory’s results is comparison with results obtained by other laboratories. Laboratory’s ability to analyse results of its participation in intercomparisons and to utilise them for effective oversight of […]

Issue 02/2024 (February)

Overview of currently existing LNG facilities worldwide, technical aspects of an individual station, and forecasting gas consumption. Part 2. – calculations. Part 2 – calculationsDOI: 10.15199/17.2024.2.1 Tomasz Cieślik, Piotr Narloch, Andrzej Żero Abstract One of the conditions for proper management of the islanded network supplied by LNG regasification stations is planning deliveries based on consumption […]

Issue 01/2024 (January)

Four decades of development and use of Coriolis flow meters as measuring devices in gas industry. Possibilities of applying Coriolis mass flow meters for LNG measurements. Possibilities of using Coriolis mass flowmeters for LNG measurements Kedzierski. DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.1.1 Grzegorz Rosłonek Abstract The article presents the history of the development of Coriolis mass flow meters as […]

Issue 12/2023 (December)

Influence of hydrogen blended gas transmission under transient flow on L485ME steel grade fracture toughnessDOI: 10.15199/17.2023.12.1 Ferdinand Uilhoorn and Maciej Witek Abstract In the present study, the L485ME low-alloy steel grade, widely used in the last few decades in the natural gas transmission pipelines, subjected to hydrogen was investigated with respect to material degradation. A […]

Issue 11/2023 (November)

Development of the Polish energy sector through transformation and harmonization with the European energy and climate policyDOI: 10.15199/17.2023.11.1 Waldemar Kamrat Abstract The paper presents the development of Polish energy sector European energy policy due to the national way for climate goals achievement. The problems of investing in Polish energy sector effectiveness are significant due to […]

Issue 10/2023 (October)

An overview of currently existing LNG facilities in the world, technical aspects of a single station, and gas consumption forecasting. Part 1: Review of existing infrastructure. DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.10.1 Tomasz Cieślik, Piotr Narloch, Andrzej Żero Abstract The first part of the publication focused on a review of existing LNG installations in the world, the possibilities of […]

Issue 09/2023 (September)

Simulation of gas composition tracking in a gas transmission pipeline.DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.9.1 Tomasz Bleschke, Maciej Chaczykowski Abstract This paper analyzes the tracking of hydrogen fraction in a binary mixture with methane by solving the advection equation. The equation was solved using finite volume method and two high order numerical schemes WENO-Z and TVD. The schemes were […]

Issue 07-08/2023 (July-August)

Hydrogen – the blue-green revolution.DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.7.1 Marta Gburzyńska, Michał Kwaśniewski Abstract The article presents the hydrogen goals and strategy of the European Union and Poland for 2021-2030. The methods of hydrogen production and storage were analyzed. Particular attention was paid to the possibilities of hydrogen distribution and problems related to this issue. The study also […]

Issue 06/2023 (June)

Natural Gas Hydrogen Composition Sensor.DOI: 10.15199/17.2023.6.1 Edward Cieślar Abstract This article describes the gas composition sensor that allows testing of any ternary mixtures. The originally planned application of the sensor, its principle of operation, construction and applicability in testing the proportion of hydrogen in the composition of natural gas are described. The advantages of the […]

Issue 05/2023 (May)

Concept of using a qualitative method to assess the risk of medium and low pressure networks.DOI 10.15199/17.2023.5.1 Andrzej Rudzki Abstract Network control area, risk assessment management system, qualitative method, Muhlbauer method. Optimisation of the operating parameters of the natural gas compressor station.DOI 10.15199/17.2023.5.2 Andrzej J. Osiadacz, Maciej Chaczykowski Abstract The paper presents an algorithm of […]