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Comparative analysis of sewage network construction using the following methods: trenchless (microtunneling) and open excavation Robert Zembrzuski DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.6.5, June 2024 Download pdf

DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.6.4

Design of Waste-to-Electricity Model: Estimating the Potential of Electricity Recovery in Nigerian Geopolitical Zones Kolawole I. Oguntade, Piotr Manczarski DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.6.4, June 2024 Download pdf

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Evolution of the EU policy approach to urban wastewater treatment Klara Ramm DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.6.3, June 2024 Download pdf

DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.6.2

Strategies and challenges in the removal of nanoplastics from wastewater Paulina Ormaniec DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.6.2, June 2024 Download pdf

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Behavior of Glyphosate in Wastewater Treatment Plants Klaudia Kwiatkowska DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.5.6, May 2024 Download PDF

DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.5.5

Comparative analysis of different biogas treatment techno-logies Adam Kaminski DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.5.5, May 2024 Download PDF

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Practical aspects of ESG for Poland Dariusz Edward Prasek DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.5.4, May 2024 Download PDF

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Comparison of storage stability of hydrogen sulfide in Tedlar bags at different sampling temperatures Mirosław Szyłak-Szydłowski, Wojciech Kos DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.5.3, May 2024 Download PDF

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Net Zero Water Buildings – challenges and solutions Elżbieta Niemierka, Piotr Jadwiszczak DOI: 10.15199/17.2024.5.2, May 2024 Download PDF

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